Dr. Guo-Brennan's scholarly endeavors focus on creating, conceptualizing, integrating, interpreting, and applying knowledge and research that promote high-quality, vibrant, inclusive, and future-oriented education systems, programs, and practices locally, nationally, and internationally. The agenda of her scholarly endeavors is shaped and informed by her interdisciplinary academic and professional backgrounds in several fields, including teacher education, international higher education, global education, international/comparative education, global leadership, curriculum theory, international development, and educational administration. This agenda highlights four themes:

  • Improving international higher education's excellence, accessibility, inclusion, and equity through reorienting policy, programs, curricula, and practices towards preparing globally competent citizens, educators, and leaders.
  • Promoting the sustainability and collective wellbeing of communities, societies, and shared humanity through education for global citizenship, global leadership, and sustainable development.
  • Improving teacher education systems, programs, and practices through examining philosophies, histories, systems, and practices from international and comparative perspectives.
  • Advancing equity and inclusion in education systems and institutions through addressing the educational issues related to diversity, migration, and the new demands of a global knowledge economy and an interconnected world.


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