Dr. Guo-Brennan is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). She is strongly committed to developing globally competent citizens, educators and leaders through teaching, scholarship and services with global perspectives and competency. As an international educator who has had substantial academic and professional experiences in higher education and teacher education in Canada, USA and China,  she has the inspiration and passion to promote excellence, inclusion, equity, peace and collaboration through scholarship, leadership and services in both local and global communities. At UPEI, she has been actively engaged in strategic planning, advancing international programs, internationalizing curriculum and engaging students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds on and off campus. She was the recipient of UPEI's inaugural Excellence in Internationalization Award in 2015.

Prior to her position at UPEI, Dr. Guo-Brennan had interdisciplinary academic and professional experiences in international education, global affairs, international development, teacher education, distance education curriculum development and ESL education through a variety of professional capacities in international settings. These experiences greatly enriched her leadership, teaching, research and services in education and allowed her to integrate global perspectives into teacher education, program development, interdisciplinary research and collaboration, curriculum development, global engagement and culturally responsive educational leadership, theory, and praxis.

Dr. Guo-Brennan is interested in learning about the world, getting to know people from different cultures and spending quality time with family and friends. 


 Ph.D., Curriculum Studies, University of Alberta

 M.Ed., Educational Administration & Leadership (Higher Education), University of Alberta

 Graduate Diploma, Comparative Linguistics and Literature, Shandong Normal University

 B.A., English Language & Literature, Qufu Normal University


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