I am passionate about my work as a researcher and enjoy conceptualizing, developing, and implementing research projects that promote a vibrant, healthy and prosperous society. The goal of my research is to prepare citizens and leaders who can effectively participate in increasingly globally interdependent work places, understand and examine complex and controversial local/global issues, act as responsible citizens for local and global societies, and promote peace, holistic thinking and cross-cultural understanding. Informed by my interdisciplinary academic and professional backgrounds in global education, international/comparative education, teacher education, international development, curriculum theory and education change, my current research agenda highlights four themes:

  1. identifying relevant, powerful, and effective education policies and practices through examining philosophies, histories, systems and practices from comparative and global perspectives;
  2. developing globally competent leaders, educators and citizens through critical global citizenship education;
  3. building welcoming and inclusive schools and communities for immigrants and refugees;
  4. developing global competency for all students in higher education through comprehensive internationalization.


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